ACI EUROPE is committed to facilitate airports' efforts to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions through strategic partnerships, as well as in-depth research and information sharing. 

In this section you can see what has already been done to bring our vision closer to realisation!

  • Cooperation with the RE-Source Platform

    On 2 October 2019, ACI EUROPE signed a cooperation agreement with the RE-Source Platform, the European alliance of stakeholders for corporate renewable energy sourcing. This partnership aims at accelerating the clean energy transition at Europe’s airports, helping them to reach NetZero by 2050 for carbon emissions under their control.

    ACI EUROPE, who shepherded the industry-wide character of this commitment, is determined to activate all the necessary partnerships to facilitate the achievement of this new ambition. Given the nature of emissions that can occur at the airport site, one of the key pieces of the Net Zero puzzle is full decarbonisation of the airports’ energy supply. Although the installation of renewable energy infrastructure such as photo-voltaic parks and wind turbines is definitely on the rise at airports, reaching 100% clean energy supply throughout the continent can only be achieved through key partnerships with the energy industry.

    With this in mind, ACI EUROPE decided to join forces with the RE-Source Platform, the European alliance of stakeholders for corporate renewable energy sourcing, and signed the new partnership on the 2nd October 2019, at the annual RE-Source event taking place in Amsterdam. On its grounds, the European airport operators will be able to tap into the vast network connecting buyers and sellers of renewable energy and benefit from the latest tools and information to help them drive their transition to clean energy sourcing.

    The RE-Source platform pools resources and coordinates activities to promote a better framework for corporate energy sourcing both at the EU and national levels. Founded by associations representing the European renewable energy sector – SolarPower Europe and WindEurope, RE100 (led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), RE-Source is focused on supporting the development and deployment of renewable energy sources by promoting new business models and improving policies & regulations.

    The involvement of the airport industry in RE-Source is a win-win scenario, in which the weight of the continent’s airports’ economic force will add to the building momentum for corporate energy sourcing, which will help meeting Europe’s target to reach 32% of its energy from renewables by 2030 and in turn empower airports to deliver on their Net Zero commitment.

  • Guidance on developing an airport net zero roadmap

    First launched in 2021, this practical guidance document developed by ACI EUROPE in cooperation with To70 Aviation lays out the methodology to develop an airport net zero carbon roadmap. An updated version was published on 27th June 2023 at the ACI EUROPE/World Annual General Assembly, Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

    The guidance identifies 5 key steps that airports can take to accelerate progress towards net zero CO2 emissions through the preparation of an actionable net zero carbon roadmap.

    In addition to this guidance, ACI EUROPE has developed an online repository of net zero carbon roadmaps from those airports that have already made their roadmap publicly available.

    The expanded and reaffirmed ACI EUROPE Net Zero Resolution requires all airport signatories to publish such a roadmap within one year’s time from signature.


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