Our membership is comprised of airport operators of all sizes, along with national airport associations, educational establishments and World Business Partners. Working together in an active association to ensure effective communication and negotiation with legislative, commercial, technical, environment, passenger and other interests.


Types of Membership

  • Member Airports

    Airports in geographical Europe with regular or permanent commercial air traffic are eligible for regular membership of ACI EUROPE (affiliated regular membership of ACI EUROPE is open to airports which are already regular members of another region of Airports Council International).


  • World Business Partners

    ACI EUROPE's World Business Partners Programme is a membership programme that provides a unique platform to help commercial enterprises maximise their business connections and expertise in the airport industry.

  • National airport associations

    ACI EUROPE currently counts 9 national airport operator associations amongst its membership.


  • Associate Members

    This membership category is reserved for owners or operators of one or more civil airports without scheduled or permanent commercial air service.

  • Educational establishments

    ACI EUROPE is committed to the pursuit of excellence in airport management through education and training. Educational establishments with relevant courses may apply for recognition by ACI EUROPE, entitling them to the benefits of ACI membership free of charge for full-time staff and full-time students.

  • Vertiports

    Vertiport owners/operators in the European region, primarily & directly responsible for management, operations and policy-setting of related facilities.