• Michael Stanton-Geddes
    Director of Economics & Competition
    More details
  • Philippos Markou
    Economics Coordinator
    More details
  • Pardis Golabvand
    Traffic Coordinator
    More details
  • Alexandre de Joybert
    Director of Sustainability
    More details
  • Alexandros Ouzounopoulos
    Sustainability Manager
    More details
  • Federico Bonaudi
    Director of Facilitation, Parliamentary Affairs & Regional Airports
    More details
  • Aidan Flanagan
    Director of Airport Capacity & Operations
    More details
  • Eugene Leeman
    Senior Advisor Operations
    More details
  • Sebastien Colmant
    Director of Aviation Security and Cybersecurity
    More details
  • Gregory Basecqz
    Aviation Security Manager
    More details
  • Luc Laveyne
    Senior Adviser Innovation
    More details

Communications & Media

  • Agata Łyżnik
    Director of Communications and Media
    More details
  • Amy Leete
    Communications Manager
    More details
  • Giulia Scaramucci
    Communications Coordinator
    More details
  • Theodoros Papachristou
    Airport Carbon Accreditation Communications Coordinator
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Membership & Events

  • Janet Thompson
    Director of Membership & Events
    More details
  • Danielle Michel
    Director of Membership Services
    More details
  • Yulia Plyusnina
    Membership, Partnerships & Programmes Coordinator
    More details
  • Josipa Antunovic
    CRM, Membership & Webinars Coordinator
    More details
  • Diana Juhanson
    Events, Marketing & Sales Coordinator
    More details
  • Mariana Grancea
    Membership, Events & Webinars Support Officer
    More details
  • Rabia Tunaboylu
    CRM, Events & Marketing Support Officer
    More details

Liaison Officers

HR, Finance & Administration

  • Stéphanie Coppin
    Director of Resources/PA to the Director General
    More details
  • Limor Nahmany
    Administrative Assistant Finance
    More details
  • Ketevan Revishvili
    Administrative Assistant to the Policy Unit, SESAR 3 JU & SDAG
    More details
  • Julia Gawlicka
    Administrative Assistant Membership & Events
    More details
  • Caroline Kjaergaard Heiss
    Administrative Assistant AMS, Communications & ACA
    More details

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