Airport Performance

Our airport performance work aims to increase airport performance (particularly delay and turnaround management), through information exchange, development of best practices and contributing to industry-wide initiatives.

The Airport Performance Network – Europe (APN - Europe) brings together ACI EUROPE members to discuss issues relating to airport punctuality and performance management. The group was established in 2009 with the objective of standardising the reporting of airport punctuality data, to exchange best practices concerning operational performance and predictability at European airports.

Operational data is submitted by airports, on a monthly basis, to the Performance Review Unit (PRU) and Central Office for Delay Analysis (CODA) of EUROCONTROL under the European Commission Implementing Regulation 390 /2013. ACI EUROPE publishes monthly punctuality reports, developed by CODA on the basis of this data for APN - Europe member airports, which may be found on this page.

The punctuality reports display average departure and arrival punctuality across the participating airports, as well as for each individual airport versus the APN-E average and each airport’s average delay per flight (grouped by airport size).