Facilitation & Customer Services Committee

ACI E Facilitation Customer Services Committee clearFacilitation involves a series of procedures, measures and material resources aimed at optimising passenger processes from the early stages of the booking until boarding and from de-boarding until leaving the airport premises. It includes therefore a very wide range of subjects including access to airports, passenger rights, check-in, flow monitoring, baggage services, passenger information, wayfinding, border control, bio-risk, passenger satisfaction and service quality and new technologies to mention only a few.

At the Facilitation and Customer Services Committee, the work is structured under four Strategic Themes: Passenger Experience, Efficient Operations, Technology & Innovation and Regulatory.

Chair: Gema Martín Egea (AENA)
Vice-Chair: Louise Bannon (daa)
ACI EUROPE Staff Representative: Federico Bonaudi


There are currently 6 Task Forces working within the Committee:

  • The Task Force on the Passenger Experience
  • Task Force on Baggage Handling
  • The Task Force on Data Exchange
  • The Task Force on Border Control
  • Task Force on Contactless Journey
  • The Task Force on Bio-risk

The ACI EUROPE Committee on Facilitation and Customer Services follows the ACI EUROPE’s Committee rules, where further information on its functioning can be found.