Cybersecurity Committee

ACI E Cybersecurity Committee clearScope

On its own initiative and on the request of the ACI EUROPE Board:

  • To serve and advise the Board by acting as a "think-tank" in its specific field

  • To identify the required strategies, stakeholders, priorities, regulatory initiatives and policies in the cyber security domain

  • To facilitate compliancy with relevant regulatory requirements

  • To protect members' ability to conduct business by increasing the cyber security maturity of the air transport industry

  • To detect key cyber security challenges and trends relevant to the airport industry

  • To create and maintain a “system of trust” between the ACI EUROPE members to facilitate the sharing of experience, best practices and information related to cyber security incidents

Chair: Mr. Eric Vautier, Groupe ADP
Vice-Chair: Mr. Joao Annes, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal
ACI EUROPE Representative: Sébastien Colmant, Director of Aviation Security & Cybersecurity


For additional information

Please contact Sébastien Colmant, Director of Aviation Security & Cybersecurity, ACI EUROPE (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).