Commercial Forum

ACI E Commercial Forum clearBackground
The Executive Committee of the ACI EUROPE Board decided on 11 June 2003 in London to create a permanent Forum for members interested in the generation of non-aeronautical revenue at airports.
The mission of the forum is to promote and develop best practice in the generation of non-aeronautical revenue at airports, including among others retail, parking, car rental, real estate and airport cities, in line with the airport community’s sustainability goals.
The ACI EUROPE Commercial Forum is open to all Regular Members and World Business Partners in good standing, and currently counts over 120 active Members. The Forum holds two annual meetings, one within the framework of the ACI EUROPE Commercial and Retail Conference, and one in the autumn. The COVID-19 constraints have modified this programme, and numerous online meetings have been held over the last 18 months.
Task Forces
There are currently four Task Forces:
  • Real estate and airport cities
  • Data exchange
  • Revision of the concession model
  • Sustainability
Chair: Philipp Ahrens (Vienna Airport)
Vice-Chair: Martijn Steur (Kinetic Consultancy)
Next meetings
Watch this space for more information.
For additional information
Please contact Danielle Michel, Director Membership Services and Events, ACI EUROPE (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).