The Peer Review for Airport Operations Centres (APOC) is a service for ACI EUROPE members.

How it Works:

  • Member airports can request a peer review of their Airport Operations Centre (APOC).
  • An expert group conducts the review, offering recommendations based on lessons learned and best practices.
  • Objective: Share information to enhance APOC performance and potentially advance to the next stage of development.
  • Alignment with ACI EUROPE’s Ground Coordinator concept.


  • Airports gain insights from expert APOC managers, industry specialists, and ACI EUROPE staff.
  • Expertise can be leveraged for future APOC development.


  • It is not an audit but a goal-driven exercise tailored to the client's needs.
  • Airport sets the aim of the APOC Peer Review.
  • Best practice sharing is geared towards achieving tangible results for the requesting airport.

This peer review process fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and continuous improvement in airport operations.


Make it happen:

  • ACI EUROPE manages the APOC Peer Review as a service to its members. Any member airport with an APOC can make a request to ACI EUROPE for an APOC Peer Review.
  • Before the APOC Peer Review, ACI EUROPE will scope the project with the airport to have a good understanding of the APOC set-up and what is expected from the review team.
  • The peer review team is usually made up of 2 or 3 persons from different airports with relevant experience, an ACI EUROPE staff member who heads the team, and a Network Manager/APOC deployment expert from EUROCONTROL.
  • The team will work in situ at the airport for around 2 days.
  • Within around two weeks, the team will provide a Peer Review Report of their observations and recommendations.



Press Releases: 

26 November 2019 New Airport Operational Centre Peer Review service launched

28 November 2018 Airports call for swift ATM reform and better airspace & ground infrastructure integration


If you are interested in learning more about the APOC Peer Review, or wish to request that a Peer Review take place at your airport, do not hesitate to contact: 

Senior Advisor Operations
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